SBRC – Rare bird record form

Scottish Birds Records Committee – Scottish Rarity Description Form 

Please send to the relevant local recorder, who will pass on to SBRC


Avocets at Musselburgh © Dave Allan

A full list of local recorders can be found by clicking here.

The current list of species considered by the SBRC can be found here.

Download the form:

Rare Bird Record Form (Word version)

Rare Bird Record Form (PDF version)

  • Date first seen:
  • Date last seen:
  • Number of birds:
  • Age/ sex:
  • Locality:
  • Recording Area:
  • Finder:                                                                       Email:
  • Identifier (if different):                                           Email:
  • Submitter (if different):                                          Email:
  • Other observers:
  • Any observers who disagree with identification?
  • Optics used:
  • Distance from bird:
  • Was the bird photographed (if so, please enclose photos or provide web links or contact details of a photographer)? Please describe any editing that has been done to submitted images:
  • If you have enclosed photographs, is permission given for them to be used in future SBRC and SOC publications?
  • Observer(s) experience (include whether you are familiar with this species in this plumage, familiarity with confusion species):
  • Weather (general description, including light conditions, position of sun etc where relevant):
  •  Contact details of submitter (email or postal address):
  • And finally, is the record 100% certain?



Please try to cover:

  1. Circumstances of finding the bird, length of view, etc.
  2. Plumage, bare parts etc and call (if possible).
  3. Jizz (that ‘indefinable something’ about the way it behaved).
  4. Details of how confusion species were ruled out (if relevant) and comparison with nearby species.
  5. Information used to age and sex the bird.
  6. Please add any supporting sketches.


Further details:

Please include (where relevant).

  1. Details of specimen (location etc) if dead.
  2. Ringing details (ring number, biometrics etc).
  3. Results of DNA or other analysis.